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Tikal is an open source experts company, who loves challenges and new technologies. They create teams that have a unique and creative thinking to help their clients plan, develop and deliver quality software, using new current technologies with innovative development tools.

Tikal are a strong believers in sharing their knowledge and experience with the development community. Through lectures and practical workshops, they help the community remain at the forefront of technologies while executing their ambitious missions. 


Tikal believes in the power of community. Therefore it was important for us that apart of building a corporate site, that tells about Tikal and the services it offers, it will also be a social network portal.


Much of the site is dedicated to the development community and contains information about open meetups and articles.

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We believe in sharing knowledge with the community. For that purpose, we have established the Israeli Full Stack Developer Community, which has become one of Israel’s leading online knowledge centers for developers.


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Tikal events for the community

We share our knowledge and experience in many professional training and lectures and give back to the community by helping its members stay at the forefront of the most current technological knowledge.


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We’re a diverse team of industry software experts helping companies achieve their projects full potential.

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