About the course

In this course we designed a textbook for the digital environment. The challenge was to work with complex content in a digital environment while creating an optimal and interesting learning experience, which will be better than a printed book.


All students had to choose a field of study and then to decide what is the best digital medium for this project.

About the project

As a former architecture student, I studied many courses of architecture history. I remember many hours of memorizing architectural plans of hundreds of buildings and texts and the difficulty of recognizing the differences between one architectural plan and another.


My goal in this project is to make the history of architecture an efficient and enjoyable experience. The website intended to anyone who wants to get to know the history of architecture, the characteristics of the different periods and the iconic structures of each period.

Logo design

Logo design

Logo grid

Color palette

Desktop design

Home page

The homepage presents eight main periods in the history of Western architecture. When the mouse hover the chapter’s name, an iconic structure from the same period will appear in the background.

Selecting a period from the list will lead to the associated chapter

Desktop design

A period screen

This chapter deals with the Renaissance period of architecture. It presents the characteristics of the period, the historical context and provides information about the most iconic structures belonging to this period

Desktop design

Desktop grid

Desktop design

Table of contents

The contents of the Renaissance chapter show links to the most iconic buildings of this period. Clicking on one of the buildings will lead to a page of the same structure

Desktop design

Building page

The building page shows information about an iconic building. It includes various pictures of the building and its details, information about the architect and the client, its historical, geographic and cultural context, and more etc.

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